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Goodison Park
Everton v Hull City

Saturday 3rd January 2009, 3pm
Premier League
By George Dunn
(Hull City fan)

We were travelling along the M62 to Everton to see Hull City. We was in a poor run of form and the last point we got was a few weeks earlier at Anfield. We knew the way because Anfield is pretty much next door to Goodison park and we actually parked right outside Goodison for the Liverpool game.
For this game I was travelling with three friends, two of which had bagged tickets for the corporate section at Goodision, this meant that we got a parking spot in the secure car park next to the stadium. From experience a few weeks earlier at Anfield we had no trouble parking in one of the secure car parks dotted around the ground, even though they are a little steep at 10. The "stadia" are well sign posted coming from the M62 and we had no trouble finding it.
Before the game, me and a friend had a fair bit of time to look around since we got there at about 12:30 (friends had a pre-match meal). We decided to have a look in the club shop and then a walk across Stanley Park to have a look at Anfield, especially for my friend who didn't go to the Liverpool game a few weeks earlier. The club shop was a nice shelter from the freezing cold but obviously didn't promise too much for the away fans. We then headed across the road into Stanley Park where the cold showed as the lake was frozen over. As we headed across the open football fields to Anfield we was hit by the freezing wind but it didn't seem to affect quite a few young Everton and Liverpool fans having a kick around. We got warm greetings from all supporters we met, especially the Liverpool fans!. We journeyed back to Goodison for a burger outside of the ground which was pretty good. We saw some Everton players entering the stadiums after getting out of their cars and a kind supporter told us where our team bus would come in, we had a good chat and then waited 5 minutes for the bus.
After clapping the team off the bus we went around the other side of the stadium to the entrance for away fans. We was in the Upper section which promised a good view. The stadium looked okay from the outside, although a little old. Entering the turnstiles we headed up some stairs into a very cramped concourse which looked more like an old train station. There was nothing on the TVs and luckily we got in there very early and grabbed ourselves a hot drink before the queues (if you can call them that) became ridiculous. There is no real space in the concourse so we headed to our seats. We was worried about the cold but actually where we were sat we was protected from the wind very well, I even took my gloves off. The stadium looks old and you can see why thay want to move but there is still a certain charm to it.
There didn't seem to be too much sound coming from home supporters, except for the cheering after their two goals. Their first goal a cross, later shown to be offside which was headed in by Fellini. Just before half time Everton grabbed a second from a brilliant free kick. We played terrible and didn't have a shot on target for the full game but our support was decent considering. We even managed a rendition of "You'll never walk along" which seemed to get some of the home supporters a little heated. The stewards were pretty good, me and the people around me were stood up for most of the game and wasn't told to sit down.
We were a little late to leave as we were waiting for our friends for about ten minutes so the traffic was quite bad but we were on the motorway within 30 minutes which isn't bad. Overall the game wasn't great for us but it was an enjoyable day out with friendly home supporters. 

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