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Alexandra Stadium
Crewe Alexandra v Oldham Athletic
Saturday, March 15th, 2014, 3pm
League One

  Tim Edwards
(Oldham Athletic fan)

1. Why you were looking forward to going to the ground (or not as the case may be):

I had never been to Crewe before and with it being one of the closer away days for me, I didnít want to miss the opportunity now Crewe are back in Oldhamís league (for how long remains to be seen!)

2. How easy was your journey/finding the ground/car parking?

I went by train and getting there was easy. The ground is a very short walk from the railway station, you can see the ground as you leave the station building. If thatís not enough for an away fan, the stand for away supporters is immediately in front of you as you walk down Gresty Road, leaving you in no doubt which part of the ground you should go to.

3. What you did before the game pub/chippy.... home fans friendly?

After buying a ticket from the away ticket office (no cash accepted at the turnstiles), my brother and I wandered back towards the town and found a pub for a quick pint. There are a few pubs in the area to choose from, most showing sport on big screen, the one we chose was nice enough for a quick stop off.  

4. What you thought on seeing the ground, first impressions of away end then other sides of the ground?

The ground is nice enough, small, compact, with a good view of the pitch. The large Main Stand dominates and takes up the majority of the 10,000 capacity. It is rare to get a full side stand as an away supporter, so this was a refreshing change and sitting in Row C, I felt very close to the action. I imagine the ground looks a lot more impressive as an away fan facing that big stand, whereas if you were in the main stand yourself, the ground must look so much smaller.

5. Comment on the game itself, atmosphere, stewards, pies, facilities etc..

Before the match I bought a Chicken Balti pie (several other types of pies were also available) which was nice enough, although there were no plastic forks on offer, thatís pretty much going to be my only complaint!

The first half was awful but the second much better. Oldham brought over 900 fans which made for a good atmosphere, although there wasnít too much noise coming from the home fans (possibly due to the performance of their team!). Oldham were comfortable at 1-0 until a 94th minute equalizer stole an undeserved point for Crewe!

6. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game:

I was pretty gutted when walking out, due to the last minute goal, but everyone got away quickly and within a few minutes I was back at the railway station. Both sets of fans were by now mixing together, no problems whatsoever.

7. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out:

I really enjoyed my trip to Crewe and if we are to play against each other next season, this is definitely going to remain as a regular away trip for me. Itís very easy to get to, a nice little ground, friendly club, I just hope we hold on for a win next time!.

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