Ricoh Arena - Coventry City FC
Saturday April 16th 2008
V Wolverhampton Wanderers 3pm
By David Chadwick

I'd been eagerly awaiting this game since the fixtures were announced, it was my first trip to the Ricoh, a bit of a local derby and there was a lot to play for. Coventry were battling for their lives down the bottom whilst we were gunning for the play-offs. The train ride was cheap and easy with a god bit of banter on the way, we arrived in Coventry only to be escorted off the platform and into a nearby pub just outside the station. This was obviously where the Wolves fans were being 'held' so it was packed full of our own. The day got off to a good start with us being able to watch United lose on the Pub's tv.

We were then shepherded onto Football special buses for the away fans from the station, this cost 3 pounds for a return which was very cheap and relatively easy. The police and conductors were all very civil and helpful. We didn't actually see any home fans until we got to the stadium and even then we were segregated so it's impossible to say if they were friendly or not!

The ground was a little blander than I'd expected yet all the facilities were very modern, the staff were all helpful and the pies were nice! There weren't many stewards in the away end either which was a good thing, especially as those who were didn't force us into sitting down. The queues for the toilets were quite small and didn't take long to get through; however there were more people smoking inside the toilet block than 'relieving' themselves!

The atmosphere wasn't great yet it did pick up for a while after Coventry (deservedly) took the lead. It then died down for the rest of the half with 27,800 people or so being forced to watch Gary Breen and Jody Craddock pass it between themselves for 40 minutes! We then scored ten minutes into the second half by a penalty from Ebanks-Blake which heatened everything up! No one else could score  so the game ended 1-1. We were then ushered back onto our buses and then back to the station. 

We enjoyed the day, true the stadium is boring but it does its job and everything is easy to find. Plus the legroom was huge. I will definitely be looking forward to our trip to the Ricoh next season!


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