Edgeley Park
 Stockport County
V Tamworth
Saturday, April 21st, 2012
Blue Square Premier 3pm
By Scot Rowland

1. Why were you looking forward to going to the ground (or not as the case may be):

I was looking forward to visiting Edgeley Park as it was a new ground for me and looked like a ground with a bit of character which I look for in stadiums I visit. As well as this being last away game of the season which is always an enjoyable day

2.  How easy was your journey/finding the ground/car parking:

My journey went well if not a little ridiculous. Having decided to try and arrive early in Stockport I left myself needing to leave Ipswich at 2:45am to catch a coach to Stansted Airport, then a further coach to London before my 7:20 train to Stockport arriving at 9:20, I’m fully aware this all could have been avoided by just arriving later but for all the changes the journey wasn’t as bad as it sounds and passed relatively quick. The ground is easy enough to find upon leaving the station using the directions on the guide and doesn’t take very long at all.

3. What you did before the game pub/chippy. Home fans friendly:

We first headed to the Culvers Court Wetherspoons on St Petersgate in the town centre (heading away from the ground), which is a typical ‘Spoons. We then headed to the Egerton Arms which is just across the road from the it’s a smallish, and quite un-assuming pub but has an interesting SCFC mural painted on the wall. Unfortunately a few of the outlets we had planned to attend had closed down.  So we decided to take in a pint at the Bakers Arms on Market Place, which is in all honesty a bit of a dive although it is welcoming, it is in need of sprucing up.

One pub I would recommend is Winters which is a small pub and very cosy with a big crowd but gives a very friendly welcome and is extremely cheap, a real snug old boozer and well worth a visit. This pub is on the lower level of the town centre which can be accessed by the flight of stairs you come across heading to Market Place near the Culverts Court and Egerton Arms. We then headed to The Sir Robert Peel close to Edgeley Park, a decent pub with a nice beer garden and reasonable prices although does get busy with Hatters Fans. The Stockport fans we came across there were very friendly and many of us enjoyed a good chat with the home supporters.

4. What you thought on seeing the ground, first impressions of the away end and other sides of the ground:

Edgeley Park looks very tired and is showing its age, but is still and impressive stadium to be in Non – League. The Railway End the away stand has a decent view but is uncovered so it’s best to hope for sunshine. Opposite this is the Cheadle End a very large two tiered stand that towers over the rest of the ground and is a very impressive stand. The Main Stand straddles the half way line but is quite old and has a number of supporting pillars although it does feature Stockport County painted on the rear of the stand which looks quite good. Opposite the Main Stand is the Popular Side which is similar to the Main Stand just slightly smaller but also has a number of supporting pillars.

5. Comment on the game itself, atmosphere, stewards, pies, toilets ect..

The game wasn’t the best for large parts both sides spent the majority of the first half trying to get a foot hold in the game, with both side not really having very many clear cut chances, although Connor Gudger should have put Tamworth 1-0 up with a wasted chance. At half time I had a Chicken Balti Pie with peas and gravy for around £3.50 which was a touch expensive as it wasn’t very nice in honesty.

Stockport started to take control right from the off in the second half and O’Donnell headed them into the lead on 48 mins. County pressed for much of the half then in the 77th min they made the points safe when Sheridan was put through and he chipped Hedge in the Tamworth goal for Hattersley to head in. Whitehead could have added a third but struck the post late on. The atmosphere was good the travelling Lambs fans tried to make some noise in the open and The Hatters fans grew in noise as the game wore on.

The stewards were a funny bunch approaching kick off and the start of the game they were very over the top bordering on pathetic at times, not allowing fans in and even confiscating beach balls, but seemed to mellow out as the game wore on and became more relaxed towards the end.

6. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game:

Walking from the stadium to the station is fine and easy to find your way, we had no problems getting back.

7. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out:

Stockport is a very good away day and I’d recommend a trip, the ground for away supporters is not blessed with the facilities of some but it doesn’t take away from the enjoyment and Stockport is brimming with decent watering holes. The stewarding has a lot to be desired but all in all a very enjoyable day.


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