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R Costings Abbey Stadium
Cambridge United v
Barrow AFC
Tuesday, March 13th, 2012, 7.45pm
Mike Kimberley

(Neutral fan)

I was looking forward to visiting Abbey Stadium as my last visit was for a League match some thirty-four years before. The journey by train from London is quick at just under an hour and then a fifteen minute walk to the ground. Unsure of the route we paid £8.80 in a cab.

There are no pubs in the immediate vicinity of the ground although away supporters were admitted to the Club House. All fifty-four away fans were put in the South Stand. The general ambiance and attitude of the stewards was friendly enough.

The South Stand is several yards from the pitch as it appears, and I am only guessing, that the original stand/terracing was demolished after the new and impressive stand was built behind it. This does not detract from the overall view. The cheese-burger I had at £3 was perfectly acceptable without being extraordinary but there was no Bovril available.  

My enjoyment of watching my seventh Barrow away game of the season was improved by the very positive way the team played but then dashed by Cambridge’s winner on 88 minutes against the run of play.

We returned to the station by cab after getting delayed in traffic and arrived at the station at the same time as those that had walked. The nearest pubs to the station are ten minutes walk away towards the City centre which is not long enough when only having twenty-five minutes before the train.

The return journey to London is slightly longer at an hour and two minutes. In summary Abbey stadium is a pleasant Conference venue. For those attending a Saturday match, the City is a very pleasant place to spend a couple of hours wandering so early arrival is recommended.

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