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Weston Homes Community Stadium
Colchester United v Yeovil Town
Tuesday, February 26th 2013, 7.45pm
League One

By James Starling
(Yeovil Town fan)

Having been to only one 'new' ground in my life which was the Ricoh Arena, I was looking forward to seeing how Colchester's relatively new ground would fair up against the traditional old school grounds.

The journey to the ground was a simple one for myself as I live on the outskirts of Ipswich I got the train into Colchester and arrived two hours before kick off. I decided after reading reviews before hand on this Football Ground Guide website to visit 'the Norfolk' pub. It served plenty of different beers and ciders, and had Sky Sports on in the background. The pub is mainly dominated by Colchester fans, but after they spotted me in my Yeovil shirt and then had 4 or 5 lads sit down with us and have a drink and discussed the game before hand. Fantastic banter between the two sets of fans, As I left one of them shouted 'don't worry about tonight, you'll thrash us the form we are in' ...famous last words. The actual pub itself was one of the best I've ever been to, it was fantastic, next time I'm in Colchester I will go back again.

The shuttle bus to the ground was very easy to find and it took 10 minutes to get to the stadium and not badly priced at 2.50. Nothing to really complain about in that respect.

The stadium itself upon arrival looked very nice from the outside. Very modern looking and well equipped with a massive car park and overall very nicely laid out, everything you would expect from a new ground. When you go inside, then you can see it is very modern and exactly what you expect from a new stadium. They served alcohol and food. The bar staff were friendly. Exactly what you want when visiting an away ground.

As mentioned before, the Yeovil fans were situated in part of the Jobserve Stand on one side of the pitch. The view was good of the whole pitch. If your side has a larger following then you may end up sitting instead in the stand behind the goal. Yeovil fans sang their hearts out for the full 90 minutes. Colchester supporters perked up a bit after they took the lead and you could hear them quite loudly after that and they cheered their team on from that and won 2-0 on the night.

I had no issues with the stewards, you barely noticed they were there. The atmosphere was a bit flat at times but once it did pick up was okay. if Colchester had a full ground week in, week out it could be a very intimidating place to come visit. It does seem the crowd react to how the team is playing. The game itself from a Yeovil point of view was awful, but for Colchester it was a massive win.

On leaving the ground there was a bit of a wait for a bus, but no issues and once on board a simple bus journey back to the railway station.

To some up my visit; brilliant pub, very nice ground but could do with being full week in, week out. It does like a waste of stadium being half full and to be honest I can't understand why more fans are not going to the new stadium, especially when it only costs 2.50 on the shuttle bus to travel to the game. I will differently in the future go back to Colchester's ground given the chance and hopefully next time we will get the right result!

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