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Weston Homes Community Stadium
Colchester United v
Sheffield Wednesday
Saturday August 14th, 2010, 3pm
League One
Shaun Hush
(Sheffield Wednesday fan)

I didnít go to one single away game last season so was determined to make the first away trip of the year no matter who it was against. 

The journey down from Sheffield was fine. Our little group of 5 left Sheffield at 10 am and were parked up just after 1 pm. Having read the reviews we decided not to park up at the ground and instead opted to park at the North train station where there was plenty of parking spaces (£2.10) and catch the shuttle bus to the stadium. There were plenty of buses put on from just around the corner from the station, it cost £1.50 each for the bus ride.

Once parked up we asked the local police welcoming party at the station where we could have a couple of beers before we caught the shuttle bus, they directed us to a pub called the Norfolk just around the corner which was a designated away fans pub. We left the pub at around 2.15 and walked over the road to where we were told the shuttle buses departed from. There was a mix of home and away fans on the shuttle with no problems at all.

The ground is very neat and tidy just as youíd expect. One thing we noticed straight away is that there would have been no problem finding a space in the big car park at the stadium. Also there are no burger vans outside the away end so you have to either walk back around to the home end or grab something inside the ground which is what I did.

Inside the ground was a little cramped on the concourse, the away end was full so suppose that was to be expected. I queued for around 10 mins for some food, there was the usual choice of pies, burgers etc, they had run out of a few things already so I went for the foot long hot dog at £4. Nothing special but it filled a hole. The atmosphere on the away end was quite good but you couldnít really hear the home fans apart from a 5 minute spell in the 2nd half when Colchester went 1-0 up and really should have got a second. Wednesday managed to get an equaliser late on which we didnít really deserve looking at the game as a whole but we had been pushing for the last 10 mins or so. The away fans celebrated the goal well and a few people ended up on the pitch with the players, all but one of them were thrown out by the stewards but apart from that the stewarding was quite lenient. We were allowed to stand up the whole game with no hassle.

After the game we decided to walk back to the station as there seemed to be a fair sized queue for the buses which were also being held back for some reason. This turned out to be a mistake as the buses soon came whistling past us and what we were told was a 20 min walk proved to be nearly double that.

Overall it was a good day out and we managed to get a point that maybe we didnít deserve. Had we lost I would have probably thought it be too far to drive, just to go straight back home after the game and not make a night of it.

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