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Weston Homes Community Stadium
Colchester United v Wycombe Wanderers
Saturday  March 27th, 2010, 3pm
League One
Joe Myall
(Wycombe Wanderers fan) 

I was looking forward to our first visit to the Weston Homes Community Stadium. it was the first game of our very strange derby ever to be played there and it was also another new ground to tick off my list. I was also looking forward to it because with Colchester in the play offs and us scrapping for our lives it looked due to be a good game.

I took the supporters coach up to the stadium due to the fact the nearest train station  is 2 miles away. However as you approach on the motorway it is easy to see the stadium and it is quite well sign posted with the brown football ground signposts. I just went into the stadium before the game as I couldn't see any pubs or chippys anywhere. the home fans however seemed a bit frosty towards us but that probably had a lot to do with our weird rivalry
The ground itself is well built and the view from the back row of the away end was very good as the stand was very steep. There is also a lot of leg room. However the place seemed characterless and dull but most new grounds are like that. The steps going up to the seats are quite small and are very easy to trip on, as I  found out the hard way.

The game itself was very good with chances for both teams and Wycombe getting a very dubious last minute equaliser that appeared to go in off the hand of our winger. The atmosphere in our end was fantastic in what was probably our biggest away game of the season with giant flags, lots of balloons and blue strands of what appeared to be tissue paper. The stewards were good about all this and generally just let us get on with it. Even the one time they did tell us to sit down they seemed to give up quite easily

After the game I would recommend waiting around for a bit before leaving as there was a long queue trying to get out the one road. However once we got onto the motorway the traffic seemed to disappear.
Overall I would definitely go back to the stadium again but I would recommend a supporters coach if your club offers one.

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