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Cardiff City Stadium
Cardiff City v
Nottingham Forest
Championship League
Sunday, November 1st 2009, 5pm

Steve Minney
(Forest fan)

I was looking forward to my visit as this is a new stadium and with Forest unbeaten away and not lost in 6 games things are looking up also Cardiff are on form and should make for a good game
Living near Luton the Journey took about 3 hours. There were signs up on the motorway saying to get leave at junction 33 of the M4 for the stadium and once off the motorway the stadium is well signposted and visible from a little way away. There is parking at the stadium at a cost though, but having been to Ninian Park before I knew of a much cheaper option just across the road from the stadium is a street where u can park for free if your there early enough but I can't remember the name of it
I made my way to the Lansdowne pub which is about 5 minutes or so walk from the stadium. There was a good mix of both Forest and Cardiff fans in there and the drinks where quite cheap; 2.80 for a bottle of Magners also less than a fiver for a pint of Strongbow and a pint of Brains bitter. Also I must mention the decent barmaid and the Cardiff fan who I was talking to was very friendly and even brought me a drink. I didn't notice a chippy or anywhere to really eat outside only the odd burger van though there is a city cafe but being a Sunday this wasn't open. As I said the Cardiff fans I met before were friendly enough
The stadium being new is a decent sight a looks nice a bit like a smaller version of the Madjeski at Reading. The away 'end' is in the corner near the loudest area of Cardiff fans. Its not too bad with plenty of leg room the only small gripe is that the roof doesn't come down far enough and being a rainy evening the Cardiff fans in the 1st 4 or 5 rows in all the stands got a bit wet!
The game was quite good, end to end with both teams having a fair share of chances ending at 1-1, with Forest scoring in injury time to level. The atmosphere was ok the Cardiff fans making decent noise at times the Forest fans doing the same. The stewards were ok allowing us to stand the whole game and have banter with the Cardiff fans without ever getting involved. The toilets are massive and there's plenty for use as the concourses are huge. As well there are flat screen tvs showing the game. The pie I had a Peters Steak Pie was a little burned and fell apart when I tried to eat it as there wasnt any forks at the food kiosk and at 2.90 over priced.
Getting away was easy enough taking about 20 minutes once back at the car before reaching the motorway. Also the away fans are kept away from home fans when leaving the ground though I had to walk through them back to the car.
A good day out a good point also a good game can't fault Cardiff City stadium really.

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