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Cardiff City Stadium
Cardiff City v Tottenham Hotspur
Sunday, September 22nd 2013, 4pm
Premier League
  Gary Parker
(Tottenham Hotspur fan)

I had been to the old Ninian Park on several occasions and now of them were particularly pleasant trips, so it was good to read on here of much changed circumstances for the new stadium.
I had a spurs supporting friend coming over from the states for this game so it had been eagerly awaited for some time.
We took the train to Cardiff and arrived about 11:30, a fellow spurs fan who lives in Cardiff had arranged for a meet at a Wetherspoons pub on the other side of town to the ground so we set of on the 20 minute walk.  It was a typical Spoons pub, very bland but spacious and cheap.  We left the pub at around 3:15 and grabbed some taxis to the ground. They could only get so close but it was only a 5 minute walk from where he dropped us.
The facilities inside the ground are superb,  metal railings to make the half time scrum for a beer a lot easier and more humane, it was your average food and beer prices but they were pre pouring so the queues went very quick (I really do wish all clubs would do this, its so obvious)
The stewards are very friendly and the ground is open so you can get outside for a fag at halftime, there is also a burger van that you can use as the away turnstiles are inside a fenced compound, I think the concourse would have been heaving if this was not the case but the police and stewards seem very relaxed and it made for a really good atmosphere.
The game itself was okay, Spurs dominated but couldn’t get the ball in the net,  that was until the 93rd minute at which point the away end erupted.  A 1-o away it was and being such a late goal left everybody in high spirits.
The walk back to the train station takes around 30-35 minutes but was very heavily policed and they moved in quickly to disperse a small number of Cardiff idiots, that seems to want to spoil things,  the vast majority of Cardiff fans were friendly and wished us well for the season.
All in all a cracking day out, worth the trip, Spurs won and its another one ticked of the 92 as well.  What more could you ask for?

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