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Gigg Lane
  Bury v
Sheffield Wednesday
League One
Tuesday August 16th 2011, 7.45pm

Teresa Jewell
(Sheffield Wednesday fan)

This game is really like a local game for me as I live only in Stockport and so I took this opportunity to take my boy friend (a big Manchester United fan), who is really a secret Wednesday fan. The game was a night game and so we chose to use the bus to the ground. This was easy, as the 135 is every 10 minutes from Piccadilly Gardens which is well sign posted from Piccadilly Train Station. The bus stop that is required is within 100 yards of Gigg Lane and right out side of a public house The Swan and Cemetery (again well sign posted - about a 40 minute bus ride).

This is where we had a drink with both sets of fans who were very accommodating. Food is also available and it is advisable to eat before you get to the ground. This is because there is no where to get food except inside the ground, which amounts to 1 catering unit, which costs the earth e.g. 2 burgers 1 chips and 1 drink 12.50. There is also a primitive catering section under the terrace where the toilets are for coffee etc..

The ground is old and is in need of investment, seating was ok we took up two sides of the ground, so it looked odd and sounded like we were at home at times. Their noisy fan section were housed near to where we sat and seemed to range from the age group 16-19, but they were soon moved as they were getting a bit giddy. 
The game it's self was poor. We didn't do ourselves any favours by going behind on the 7th minute Lowe scored followed by Mozika on the 40th minute. Sedgewick hit one back on the 47nd minute with a screamer into the top corner facing their end. The game was going against Wednesday with their attackers causing problems all over. Saying this we did have two perfectly good goals disallowed.
We are still trying to work out why these goals were disallowed to this day.
The only thing I can say about the stewards is that they were ok, but didn't really know what they were doing.
Getting away from the ground was easy going straight to the bus stop and straight onto the first bus that arrived. Again another 40 minutes ride to the centre of Manchester and then due to the lateness we got a taxi home. Which resulted in a financially costly night. Not to mention a bad result especially as my boy friends son is a Bury fan. I still have not lived it down yet.

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