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Pirelli Stadium
  Burton Albion v Derby County
Pre-Season Friendly
Saturday, July 17th, 2010, 3pm
Adam Legg
(Derby County fan)

1. Why you were looking forward to going to the ground (or not as the case may be):

Always look forward to our annual pre-season jaunt to Burton, with it being 20 minutes away its a great way to kick start the new season

2. How easy was your journey/finding the ground/car parking?

The journey from derby is easy, a case of a quick drive down the A38 and following the signs, well signposted. we have parked on the Derby road near the ground for the last 3 years, wether you are meant to or not is another thing! but there is always a stream of fans already parked there.

3. What you did before the game pub/chippy.... home fans friendly?

The locals have always been friendly when i have visited and have sat in the home stands on my last 2 visits. pre game we have got into the ground around half hour before kickoff and enjoyed a pint and a pie, both tasted great and reasonably priced, well for a football ground anyway.

4. What you thought on seeing the ground, first impressions of away end then other sides of the ground?

The pirelli is a nice looking ground and the away end is a nice terrace. its a change from our usual visit of bigger championship grounds in less desirable parts of the country.

5. Comment on the game itself, atmosphere, stewards, pies, toilets etc..

The game itself wasn't an inspired performance from either side, but with it being both teams first pre-season meeting it was to be expected, Derby made wholesale changes at half time, fielding a totally different 11. Stewards were friendly and approachable and you could have a laugh with them (whether this was because this steward also worked at Pride Park I don't know!!!) the atmosphere was poor from Burton fans who mustered a bit of a clap at a corner, in recent seasons its been a bit more livelier, but not much more, our fans kept or chanting for most of the game. The toilets were clean and smart.

6. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game:

Getting away was an unusual experience as we got home quicker than what we would do on a game at home. location was obviously a factor in this living on the outskirts of Derby and the ground being on the outskirts of Burton. Saying that we were more or less the last ones to leave the stadium and there was virtually no traffic along the Derby Road heading towards the A38

7. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out:

Burton is a great little ground to visit, it has great beer, and friendly locals. its a game and a day out (well half an afternoon) out that i look forward to after a long hard summer of little football!

Adam Legg long suffering Derby Fan

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