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Turf Moor
  Burnley v
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Championship League
Saturday, February 11th 2009, 3pm
Sam Wylde
(Wolves fan)

Well it was a cold, misty Afternoon in Lancashire. The game was big for both teams as we were both near the bottom of the Form table, but the difference was that Wolves were top of the league with Burnley just sitting outside the playoffs. Only one win for Wolves from our last eight games, so it was a very important match.
After reaching Burnley, we found the signs pointing to the ground were a good help but we just used the Sat Nav. It was just under 1 hour before kickoff when we were just outside the ground, the Cricket ground parking was full, as well as the next two car parks right by it (not a good start to the day.). We did though manage to find some street parking near the Fire Station.
We then set off to the Cricket Ground for a drink at 2:15, we reached the Cricket Ground at 2:25, after walking past where we just came up in the car. We didn't encounter any problems with Burnley Fans who were making their way to the game.
I was wearing my colours' but still covered myself up until we were in the Cricket Club. In the cricket club its friendly and you can go in there to have a drink and not worry about the disruption with other fans, as the Burnley fans were calm and friendly.
Around 2:45 we then set off for Turf Moor which was just around the corner. On the outside of our end there were a lot of police, diverting traffic and keeping visiting and home fans apart (no trouble though.)
As we entered the ground, it was very small inside, with only 2 or 3 refreshment bars. However it wasn't the biggest worry today as we only brought 1500 Fans. It was also very cramped in the toilets to and there wasn't a lot of room anywhere inside.
The players come out of the visiting end, so if you want to give stick to some of Burnley's players go stand behind the goal! There were 2 very good stands (modern) at Turf Moor while ours was an OK average League 1 Stand with a small, not as good stand to the right of us with very few supporters in.
After 10 minutes, we were 1-0 down and being outplayed by a better team on the day. Atmosphere was pretty good from the stand to the left of us in the upper tier. Apart from that, nobody else was having any banter or singing.
I would also advise you to get your refreshments before the half-time injury board goes up (around 40 minutes) to make sure your not in big queues, it can also get very cramped.
2nd half, we yet again were outplayed throughout and it should have been at least a 2-0 margin to Burnley maybe even 3-0! We didn't put the goalkeeper under pressure at all and didn't force a good save from him.
Overall it was a enjoyable day (apart from the result.) After the match though don't show your colours, as we found the atmosphere a bit tense as we walked back to the car.

This was my 1st visit to Burnley and an enjoyable one and look forward to visiting Turf Moor again with hopefully a better result for the lads!

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