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Memorial Ground
Bristol Rovers v  Wycombe Wanderers
Saturday, January 30th, 2010, 3pm
League One
Peter Radford
(Wycombe Wanderers fan)

It was good to be back on the road again with Wycombe and heading West to what appears from photo’s to be a quirky unusual ground. 

Getting to the M32 was easy however where there was a traffic jam for the IKEA store and the combination of this and a football match nearby made for heavy traffic so worth avoiding this route. 

The ground was tough to find, hidden within a large area of housing at the top of a hill.  With a modest crowd there was not even the usual flow of people to hint at where the ground was.  Parking in nearby streets however was relatively easy within a 5-10 minute walk.

A strange but genuine ground which has, on either side, tall stands which run only half the length of the pitch.  There is a classic covered terrace at the North end and only a temporary stand at the South end with a port-a-loo area in one corner.  The away fans have a choice of sitting next to the loo’s or standing on a small terraced area in one corner. 

Stewarding was friendly and the sun was out which made for a relaxed pre-match atmosphere – for a sunny afternoon game don’t forget to take a cap or sun glasses as the away corner looks into the glare throughout the first half!

Recalling a televised game in recent seasons, and given that Rugby is also played, I had expected the pitch to be poor but was surprised to see an excellent surface. A reasonably skilful League One game resulted from the good conditions and any neutral would have enjoyed an end to end game. For the committed fan the ebb and flow was as stressful as ever and at 1-0 up and then 3-2 up no Wycombe fan was confident of the outcome.

Being open to the elements it was difficult for the 400 away fans to make themselves heard from the terrace which detracted from the atmosphere.

On the day the dice fell our way and Wycombe registered their first win for over a month which was the basis for a happy if slow drive past IKEA out of the city and east to Berkshire. 

A fun day out to an unusual ground and one that I’d happily return to, but armed with sunglasses next time!

Score: Bristol Rovers 2 Wycombe Wanderers 3
Attendance: 6,688
Ground No: 37 (of the 92)

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