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Birmingham City FC
St Andrews

The Ground

Approximately three quarters of the ground have been rebuilt since the mid 90's. One large single tiered stand, incorporating the Tilton Road End and Spion Kop, completely surrounds half the pitch and replaced a former huge terrace. The new Tilton Road End was opened for the start of the 1994-95 season, with the new Spion Kop following in 1995. At the back of the Spion Kop Stand, which runs along one side of the pitch, are a row of executive boxes, as well as a central seated executive area which also incorporates the Directors 'box'. The other newish stand, the recently renamed Gil Merrick Stand (previously known as the Railway End) was opened in February 1999. It is a large two tiered stand and unusual in having quite a small top tier, which overhangs the lower area. Again there is a row of executive boxes in this stand, housed at the back of the lower section.

Only one 'old' stand, the former Main Stand, which was opened in 1952, now remains of the former St Andrews. This is a two tier stand running along one side of the pitch and has a row of executive boxes running across its middle. This stand is the smallest at the stadium and is looking particularly tired amongst its more modern neighbours. This stand which is now known as the Garrison Lane Stand also houses the press area, television gantry and has the team dugouts located in front of it. The team dressing rooms are situated within the Gil Merrick Stand, which results in the teams entering the field of play from one corner of the stadium between this stand and the Garrison Lane Stand. Also in this area is a large video screen that was erected at the start of the 2009/10 season.

Future Developments

The Club are still weighing up the options as to the possibility of a moving to new stadium or whether to further re-develop St Andrews. If the latter option was chosen then this would involve the re-building of the Main Stand. This would increase the overall capacity of St Andrews to around 36,500 at a cost of around 12m.

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