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St Andrews
  Birmingham City v
Blackburn Rovers
Premier League
Tuesday December 15th, 2009. 7.45pm
Peter Radford
(Blackburn Rovers fan)

As well as ticking off another ground on the road to 92, the evening was a chance to see a Wycombe old boy, Roger Johnson, playing in his first season in the Premiership for Birmingham. 

The ground was fairly easy to find and we parked around 400m from the ground about an hour before the match at the cost of a fiver.  The car park was opposite McDonalds which, in the absence of alternatives, provided dinner.

Whilst a mid-week match against Blackburn was not the biggest home game of the season I was surprised at the low ticket price of 16 and third row back from the pitch-side adjacent to the penalty box was a good place to sit.

Entrance through the Spion Kop turnstiles was directly into a cramped area with food and drink outlets, betting and toilets which was cramped and the thoroughfare to and from the seats was very busy. Although not an old stand, the Kop suffers from a lack of space however give me an old style cramped ground over a new-build any day.

With the exception of the away end, the ground was almost full which, despite the freezing temperatures, made for an excellent atmosphere which was only heightened when Birmingham pushed forward and took the lead. The win and extension of the winning streak was challenged in the last quarter of the game when Blackburn scored however this only served to enhance to the euphoria of the home fans when the final whistle blew.

Good lively home support and a good match made for an enjoyable experience particularly at League One prices!

Score: Birmingham 2 Blackburn 1
Attendance: 23,187
Ground No: 31 (of the 92)

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