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The Crown Ground
Accrington Stanley
Chester City
, January 5th 2008, 3pm
League Two
Rob Allen

(Chester City fan)

As a kid I remember the old milk advert Accrington Stanley who are they! with that I decided this was a game I wanted to go to.  Our recent form hadn't been to hot so I thought an improved performance was on the cards.  I booked me and my six year old son Connor on the Supporters bus from the Deva Stadium.  We left at 12 and we soon were on our way.  The one draw back with the trip is that there are no signs for Accrington till you get near Blackburn then they start to appear.  Once we came off the motorway there where clear signs indicating the way to the ground.  As we went past some houses through gaps the stadium appeared I knew it was small but it looked tiny. 

The coach dropped us off by the away turnstiles As my son was with me I didn't go to the pub for a swift pint even though I had plenty of time (we arrived at 1:30pm)  In the Chester programme from the Grimsby match it indicated that seats where available for away fans on checking with the stewards I found this was wrong (Having already read this website I knew this was probably the case)  Then came the shock 13 wasn't at all bad for me but 8 for Connor!! it's only 5 for an under 12 to sit in the home end.

The Chester fans
had been given the terrace and half the covered terrace running down the side of the pitch. We tried the covered terrace but because of a wall Connor couldn't see the game so it was the open terrace for us and it was freezing!. About half an hour before kick off I decided to get some food two burgers costing 3 each about average for football grounds but they where very tasty. I bought Connor a bottle of pop and as per normal at grounds the top was taken off before it was handed to me.

 Connor disappeared a steward told me he had ran into the toilets.  Which turned out to be two portacabins which where disgusting.  There was a little cabin selling bottles of beer not bad 2 for a bottle so I had my beer!  The ground it's self is a proper old fashioned looking stadium.   The two stands to my left looked very smart the home terrace behind the goal was covered allowing the Accrington fans to make some real noise.  Less said about the stand on the opposite side the better never seen anything like it 3 rows of terrace with a tin roof and pillars on row one every 5 yards!  Match time The home fans by now had got out lots of flags it looked really good they made lots of noise through out an exciting match lots of chances lots of goals and a creditable 3-3 draw which over the 90 Min's was a fair result.  I was really impressed by the home fans Chester scored early on they just carried on singing. 

Only gripe is the Stadium The Fraser Eagle stadium is a disgrace how Accrington got into the league with it is beyond me the facilities for away fans are a total joke.

On leaving the ground all the fans channelled out together not a hint of trouble. It took the coach a few minutes to get back on the main road to the motorway then once away plain sailing back to Chester.  Over all my thoughts where good stewards friendly home fans good match.  The only let down being the ground and the admission prices for children.  This is one fixture I won't be going to again unless they totally modernise the away end (a roof would be nice) and provide proper toilet facilities.

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