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About The Football Ground Guide and Author Duncan Adams

Now in its 15th year, the Guide continues to go from strength to strength, what was a largely a collection of personal anecdotes, has become the most authoritative guide to football grounds on the Web. It is based on not only my experiences of visiting the grounds, but from many other thousands of fans who have provided feedback to the website over the years, many of whom tell me that the information is 'spot on' or where indeed things have changed or need to be improved upon. The Guide is not just about getting you there in time for kick off, but also helping you to have a more enjoyable matchday experience, by for example listing pubs that are used by away supporters.   

Remember, that what makes this Guide different to others, is that I have visited every single Premier Duncan Edwards Statue Dudleyand Football League Ground and most on more than one occasion. It is likely that I have drank in the pubs listed, followed the directions given and experienced what it is like to be a visiting supporter at that stadium. I have even been an 'away' supporter at my team Birmingham City, just to make sure the guide is authenticated!  Also with the help of Owen Pavey you will find some of best ground photos to be found anywhere on the web.

One thing though that I should clarify is that the Guide is a hobby/labour of love of mine. I do not do this for a living. In fact I work full time in order to pay the bills and updates to the Guide have to be done in my spare time on evenings and weekends. This sometimes can be difficult, considering the sheer amount of information that continually needs updating, plus with a wife and four year old daughter the amount of spare time available can quickly disappear. Still as long as it is popular and I can find enough time then I will continue to run the Guide it as it is something that I enjoy doing, especially when I get positive feedback.

I should also stress that it is impossible for me to visit every ground every season. So if things have changed, or you feel that I have done someone an injustice, can give better directions, provide a better ground photo, or recommend somewhere better to drink (or avoid as the case may be) then please e-mail me at duncan@footballgroundguide.com and I'll update the guide. Remember this guide is for football fans by football fans, so feel free to have your say. I'll wherever possible strive to include your comments. 

About the Author - Duncan Adams

I personally love sports stadiums and I have previously visited all of the 92 current league grounds (and over 55 of those grounds with my team Birmingham City). Since started this Guide I have also visited many of the Scottish and Conference Grounds and have now been to over 280 venues.

In Brazil Watching England In The World Cup 2014

Duncan at the World Cup in Brazil

Note that even at the World Cup you could enjoy a beer whilst watching the game!

Like a number of fellow supporters though I didn't originally set out to do the 92. I had seen Birmingham play away at a few other local venues, but it was only when I when that I went to live in other parts of the country that my interest in different clubs and grounds heightened. Firstly, I went to University in Bradford (where I watched Bradford City win the Division 3 title and sadly witnessed that fateful fire at Valley Parade); Northampton (where I watched the Cobblers lift the 4th division trophy) and finally Tonbridge in Kent, where not only did I watch some Maidstone United games, but also ventured into the capital to take in some venues there.

It was only on the tube one Saturday morning, when  I my was on my way to Euston to catch a train to a game, that I racked up how many grounds that I had then done. It was somewhere around the 27-28 mark. This didn't seem that far away from doing all the 92 and so I endeavoured to do them all. I didn't fully realise then, just how long it would eventually take me and just what a feat it is for any fan to do so, but I finally managed it in 1999, with a final trip to of the 92 to the Withdean Stadium in Brighton. Since then I have have returned to those clubs that have either moved to new stadiums or built new stands and to those new clubs promoted to the league from the Conference.

So enjoy your footballing travels around the grounds and good luck to your team, except when they are playing Birmingham City of course!

New Look Website

The website has been recently redesigned, not to only to give it a more modern and contemoprary look, but also to make it easier for visitors to use. It also renders better on mobile phones, vital when for many fans on matchday, as this is the only way that they can access the internet to find out information. You may notice though that some of the Club pages are still in the old format. It is my intention to move these over to the new design in the coming months, so please bear with me in the meantime. 



Duncan Adams
March 2015